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Chapter 187: Jinyi Is Going to Cry

Xu Mingzhen had to change her daughter’s clothes. There was no way she was going to let the men stay in the room.

“Mom, it’s been some time since we saw her,” Tan Jinyi tried to argue with his mother.

“And you can talk to her tomorrow as much as you want!” Xu Mingzhen scolded him. “Now, get out!”

Tan Wenci noticed why his wife was chasing them out. He quickly dragged Wei Zhiqian with his left hand and Tan Jinsheng with his right hand, while kicking Tan Jinyi with his foot. “Come on. Let’s go.”

It was as if Tan Wenci was a shepherd trying to move his sheep back into the barn.

After closing the door, Xu Mingzhen turned around and saw Tan Mo sitting up with a puzzled expression.

“Mommy!” The moment she saw her mother, she opened her arms to get a hug.

With Tan Mo continuing to grow up over the past few years, she stopped letting her three brothers and Wei Zhiqian hug her, but not her parents.

However, it seemed like Tan Mo was even more clingy when she was drunk.

She had always been clingy with her parents, but today it was even worse. She was clinging to her mother like a baby koala.

Xu Mingzhen hugged her daughter and caressed the young girl’s hair. “Seriously, how did you get so drunk with just half a glass of beer? Look at how red your cheeks are. I’m going to get you your pajamas. Can you change into them on your own?” she gently asked.

Tan Mo rested her head on her mother’s belly instead. She could smell the scent from her mother that she had always liked ever since she was a child.

Whenever she smelled the sweet scent of her mother, she would feel safe and happy. It was as if the aroma could temporarily shield her from any worries.

“Yes…” Tan Mo nodded as she rubbed her head on Xu Mingzhen’s belly.

However, being hugged by her daughter like this made the mother not want to let go even for a second. She didn’t even want to turn around, but to continue to enjoy her daughter’s hug.

Xu Mingzhen let Tan Mo continue to hug her until the latter was almost asleep. Then she had no choice but to pull Tan Mo’s arms away from her waist and say, “I’ll go get your pajamas.”

Tan Mo released her and proceeded to take a sniff of herself. She could instantly tell that the heavy reek from the buttery hotpot had followed her home.

“I want to take a shower first,” Tan Mo said in a soft tone.

“Can you shower on your own?” Xu Mingzhen asked.

“Of course,” Tan Mo nodded and got up. “See, I can walk in a straight line already.”

Xu Mingzhen turned to look. Her daughter was indeed walking in a straight line.

“All right.” Xu Mingzhen laughed. “Call me if you need anything.”

Tan Mo nodded and did her best to walk in a straight line into the bathroom.

It didn’t take long for Xu Mingzhen to hear the shower being turned on.

About half an hour passed, and Tan Mo came out of the bathroom in her pajamas.

Her hair was still dripping wet, b

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